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Fodor’s 2017 Washington, D.C. guide book released yesterday; Where to Eat chapter updated by me

Fodor's Washington, D.C.: with Mount Vernon, Alexandria & AnnapolisNever mind Hillary’s memoir, yesterday’s top book release was Fodor’s 2017 Washington, D.C. guide book (you want to eat crap?). I updated its Where to Eat section. Buy it now at fine book stores or Amazon. Thanks!

For this project, I

  • determined 150 restaurants worthy of inclusion
  • wrote reviews for restaurants new to the guide
  • updated reviews of restaurants that’d been in the previous versions and verified their accuracy
  • determined the top 15 percent of restaurants worthy of the Fodor’s Choice honor
  • wrote and revised the introduction to the chapter and descriptions of each neighborhood

‘Condé Nast Traveler’ publishes my article on new Smithsonian National Museum of American History exhibits

Two thoughts from the Smithsonian National Museum of American History’s new series of exhibits, “The Nation We Build Together,” which I just wrote about for Condé Nast Traveler

  • The issues America’s grappling with now—women’s equality, voting rights, religions tolerance—are part of a long-term push towards liberty for all that’s achieved a lot.
  • 300 years later, I can’t believe we’re still dealing with this shit.

Anyway, read the article.

‘Oh, God save the human cannonball’: Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus makes its last DC stop

That feeling when you forget to smuggle in snacks to the circus and end up paying $24 for popcorn and cotton candy. But hey, the hat was included!

That feeling when you forget to smuggle in snacks to the circus and end up paying $24 for popcorn and cotton candy. But hey, the hat was included!

Saturday my daughters and I saw one of Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus final DC shows (after 146 years, it’s closing May 21). Some observations:

  • Apparently the way to get people to attend the circus is to announce the circus is closing.
  • Comparisons of the Trump administration to a circus are off base. Guessing a bunch of the entertainers will lose their jobs next month, but not a single one neglected to perform his or her act before walking out of the ring.
  • The animal tamer lay down with a lion sprawled across him and I suspect his thoughts were similar to mine when one of my kids lies down atop me: content but a bit nervous.
  • Yes, in case you’re wondering, the ring master did acknowledge that the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus was ending its run, but not until the end of the show.
  • If fans at the final performance rush the rings to pillage circus items as souvenirs—like New Yorkers did to Yankee Stadium in 1973 when it was about to be shuttered for two years of renovations—I’m totally interested in buying the metal cage the motorbikes zoom around in. Only I’d put myself in it and just hamster-ball it around DC.

Thanks to my mom and dad—whose SBIR proposal consultant website you should totally check out—for the circus tickets!

Journey into The Ritz-Carlton publishes my thoughts on the perfect Washington, DC weekend

Ritz-Carlton logoJourney into The Ritz-Carlton is a portal into the hotel company’s travel expertise. Travel experiences and memories from around the world are inspired by the desire to create memories that last a lifetime. The storied hotel brand has brought together a collection of truly unique experiences and moments that range from Balinese weddings on white sand beaches through to fabulous cocktail recipes from chic rooftop bars.

For Journey into The Ritz-Carlton, I wrote “Washington, D.C.: A City Reborn.”

Latest assignment was close to home, but still a bit trippy

Wells Fargo Advisors LifescapesBehold my latest article:

Washington, D.C.: Beyond the Monuments

While the article didn’t take me far from home, it did take me back in time:

  • The editor was my college roommate.
  • The outlet was Wells Fargo Advisors’s Lifescapes publication. Wells Fargo bought First Union, my first post-college employer (“Thank you for calling First Union’s Retail Investment Group. This is Zach Everson speaking. How may I help you?” x 65 times a day).
  • The subject is DC, which is what I covered for my first travel writing gig (with Gridskipper).

Also, as of this post, my article is the most popular on the Lifescapes website.

Photo: Courtesy Wells Fargo Advisors

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