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Derby Home Rental advertises Louisville, Kentucky area houses for rent during Derby weekend.

Derby Home Rental

Founded, own, and operate this sole proprietorship that advertises Louisville, Kentucky-area homes for rent on Derby weekend at Relying solely on SEO, media mentions, and word-of-mouth, disrupted the existing commission-based industry with a flat-fee model.

I registered the business, designed and built the website, launched and manage its social-media accounts, and post and promote all ads. Developed a strategy to make the site competitive with national short-term rental advertisers, like Airbnb. Typically five of the top ten results on Google for “Kentucky Derby Home Rental” (no quotes), including the top two, lead to my business. To ensure that high search-engine ranking, I researched and monitor keywords, designed a site that used those terms (but not at the expense of coherent text), installed an SSL certificate, check its load time and make adjustments, track changes in SEO best practices, and generate inbound links to all pages on the site. Towards that end, I’ve secured mentions and links in USA Today, Aol Travel, and many Louisville media outlets.

Requiring less than an hour of my time a week on average, more than 135 homes have rented via this business, generating $650,000 for homeowners.

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