Gun-safety advocacy groups should open a pop-up gun shop | Zach Everson

Gun-safety advocacy groups should open a pop-up gun shop

If smart guns—which only their owner can fire—are sold anywhere in the United States, New Jersey’s Childproof Handgun Law of 2002 would require all handguns sold in that state to be smart guns within 30 months, according to an NPR segment broadcast yesterday by Joel Rose. Consequently, no U.S. gun shop will carry smart guns as they don’t want New Jersey to ban all other handguns.

So why don’t gun-safety advocacy groups—like Everytown for Gun Safety, Mayors Against Illegal Guns, and the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence—bring the smart guns to the market themselves via a pop-up gun store? Yes, it’s counterintuitive for an anti-gun violence group to open a gun shop. But doing so would trigger New Jersey’s law, get more dangerous guns off the shelves in the country’s 11th most populated state, and allow gun enthusiasts nationwide to have a safer option.

Sure, it’d be safer to eliminate gun ownership altogether, but that’s not going to happen in this country. And, yes, it’s likely this Supreme Court would end up finding New Jersey’s law unconstitutional. But it would take a few years for that case to read the court. Bringing smart guns to the market, and eliminating the sale of more dangerous firearms in one state, even if just temporarily, is at least a step towards a safer America.


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