See me on TV (twice) this Sunday, Sunday, Sunday | Zach Everson

See me on TV (twice) this Sunday, Sunday, Sunday

Secrets of Louisville Chefs and Cooking Channel logosLike the closet televangelist I am, I’ll be coming into the people’s home’s this Sunday. Only instead of asking for donations, I’ll be eating.

  • Secrets of Bluegrass Chefs Showdown, airs 4 p.m. on ION 21 (Kentucky-area only)—I was a judge on the show’s “Showdown—Recipe Makeover” episode, in which three Louisville chefs give healthy takes on traditional recipes. (Humana published an article about the competition.)
  • Ice Cream Nation, airs 8 p.m. on the Cooking Channel (national)—Seviche: A Latin Restaurant’s avocado ice cream is featured on a segment of Sunday’s episode. I was in Seviche eating it at the time of the shoot (what a coincidence!) with my wife and the cameras came over for a few minutes. I suspect my wife will get more airtime than I do though as she managed to answer the host’s questions without slopping it all over herself.

Thanks to Dan Davidsaver, a producer at New Local TV, and chef/owner Anthony Lamas of Seviche for the invites.

Photos: Courtesy Secrets of Louisville Chefs and the Cooking Channel

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