Hear me—and my parents—on 102.3 The Max's Lambert and Lindsey show | Zach Everson

Hear me—and my parents—on 102.3 The Max’s Lambert and Lindsey show

My parents in 102.3 FM The Max's studio with Lambert & Lindsey.For the past year I’ve been a regular guest Friday mornings on 102.3 FM The Max’s Lambert & Lindsey radio show, highlighting weekend events and promoting Louisville.com’s Weekender. Normally I just post the audio on Soundcloud and promote it via social media. But today, today was a special episode: my parents are visiting from Boston and joined me in the studio.

Thanks as always to Lynda Lambert, George Lindsey and Jesse Rasmussen for inviting me on their show. You can hear me join them Friday mornings around 7:40 a.m. at 102.3 FM, themaxfm.com or via their iOS app.


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