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Get #OscarSnarky on Twitter

Lambert and Lindsey #Oscarsnarky102.3 The Max’s Lambert & Lindsey will be getting #OscarSnarky on Twitter during tonight’s broadcast of the Academy Awards (“What time do the Oscars start?” 8:30 p.m. EST. “What channel are the Oscars on?” ABC. And the Academy Award for Worst Attempt at SEO goes to me.). And, as I mentioned when I joined them in the studio Friday morning, I’ll be Tweeting along with them. They got a similar hashtag trending in Louisville during the Grammys, which attracted some hilarious Tweets.

Just follow the Twitter hashtag #OscarSnarky. The Lambert & Lindsey Morning Show hosts also retweet the funnier Tweets, so you might want to follow them as well:

And I’m at @Z_Everson.

Photo: Courtesy Facebook/Lambert & Lindsey

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