A Chinese journalist—and Google Translate's—take on the Everson family's Thanksgiving | Zach Everson

A Chinese journalist—and Google Translate’s—take on the Everson family’s Thanksgiving

A Chinese journalist (and Google Translate's) take on the Everson Thanksgiving

Chengdu kitchen into the American family to experience the Thanksgiving Day dinner

Remember last Thanksgiving when my family hosted seven Chinese journalists? I just found one of their recaps online:

chengdu.cn: Chengdu kitchen into the American family to experience the Thanksgiving Day dinner

Of course, it’s in Chinese. And I can’t read Chinese. So I ran it through Google Translate. The results aren’t quite What’s Up, Tiger Lily?, but the translation has some hilarious moments. I’m not going to bother to correct Google Translate, as it might hurt my SEO. I’ll just let you, gentle reader, guess where it might have gone wrong.

“Chengdu kitchen into the American family to experience the Thanksgiving Day dinner”

(reporter Zhong Jiang) in Beijing on November 25 in Louisville, USA reported fragrant pumpkin pie, roast turkey, sweet honey, warm and hospitable family. U.S. Eastern time on November 24 date, the day is Thanksgiving Day, Ben Wang in Louisville, Kentucky, United States, was invited to Zach Everson house guest, with Thanksgiving.

11:00 However, the reporter went to Zach Everson home, he is the editor in chief of the LOUISVILLE.COM site is also a freelance writer, he writes tourism and culture of the manuscript, once Wall Street Journal and other media writing. His wife, Margaret, was a lawyer, has served in the cabinet of George W. Bush, George W. Bush, now is the assistant prosecutor. They have a two-year-old daughter, wife and now six months pregnant. Home zach Everson is a small detached two-storey, located in the affluent area of the housing area of about over 200 square meters, is said to be two years ago to spend more than 30 million U.S. dollars to buy. This house was built in the 1930s, there are already 80 years old.

Everson’s home and his family’s two cars

His family’s restaurant

The backyard of his home

The zach Everson likes to travel around, though have never been to Chengdu, but listening to people say it is a very nice city, I hope to one day be able to see.

Over the production of the Thanksgiving Day dinner from 11:00 am start, first prior marinated turkey with salt and pepper out of the refrigerator, this turkey weighing 18 pounds (about 16 pounds), it took $ 50 from the supermarket buy.

First bought turkey washed with salt and pepper, then marinated a long time, about 4-6 hours

Marinated turkey out of the refrigerator

Marinated turkey, washed to remove the chicken ass

Margaret wiped off the water droplets with a tissue, then filled into the carrots and celery particles turkey stomach, play a role in the taste.

Do carrots and celery particles

Fill in the pieces of carrot and celery particles to the turkey goes

The rest into the pan at the bottom of

Then, these particles will pan bunk, coated with the spices into the oven.

This is a comprehensive Italian spices the dishes used

Italian spices, adjusting the butter heated in a microwave for 20 seconds to melt into a barbecue sauce.

Surface evenly in the turkey map raised a good barbecue sauce

According to Margaret, baked it takes about four hours, one hour to 425 degrees Fahrenheit, and then flip the turkey and then baked, after three hours will have to 325 degrees Fahrenheit.

Place the turkey into the grill

Into the oven

View the temperature of the turkey with a special thermometer

15:00, turkey, baked, fragrant. Then she made mashed potatoes, pumpkin sauce, and other authentic American cuisine.


Everson first try to eat

Freshly baked tasty turkey

Margaret heavily pregnant in the kitchen, running around tending to have the hand of U.S. President, are we doing dinner, the reporter could not help but sigh, a good wife to get on this this under the living room kitchen, Everson really good fortune. Everson is Zazhao beer in the side face of happiness.

Hearty Thanksgiving dinner is ready

Thanksgiving dinner officially ready until 17:00. At this point, Across from the outside, the house wine and candlelight combine into a hui, chicken delicate fragrance of beans, sweet pumpkin puree, champagne, happy and glowing bubble……Thank you Margaret. Thank you Everson. and thank you Chengdu kitchen.

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