Travel Channel special 'Wild West Glamping' shows me drinking, alone | Zach Everson

Travel Channel special ‘Wild West Glamping’ shows me drinking, alone

My back on the Travel Channel's "Wild West Glamping"The Travel Channel was filming at Montana’s Ranch at Rock Creek for a special on glamping (glamorous + camping—I know, awful) when my family visited last summer. Not having cable TV, I promptly forgot about it.

But last week, when researching the ranch for an upcoming article for Louisville Bride, I found a segment from the special, “Wild West Glamping.” Skip to 1:48 to see me from behinnd, saddled up at the bar (literally—the barstools  were saddles), sipping Montana whiskey, alone. My wife was enjoying our canvas cabin too much to want to leave it; I, however, needed to research the bar. Sacrifice.

Watch the segment from the Travel Channel’s “Wild West Glamping” here.

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