Louisville.com has its second-best month ever | Zach Everson

Louisville.com has its second-best month ever

Louisville.com (me = editor-in-chief) just finished its second most successful month ever, bested only by last May (a month when Kentucky Derby-related traffic usually gives us a huge spike).

Visits in February 2012 increased 53 percent compared to February 2011 and 22 percent compared to January 2012 (and for those of you not familiar with the Gregorian calendar, February is also a shorter month). Thanks to the site’s writers and readers!

What excites me most is that this growth is not the result of a few articles striking search engine gold, but rather steady traffic day in, day out—which means we should be able to maintain it.

The raw data (via Google Analytics):

February 2012

130,676 visits
112,111 unique visitors
261,090 pageviews
2.00 pages/visit
00:01:38 average time on site

January 2012

106,854 visits
91,856 unique visitors
209,224 pageviews
1.96 pages/visit
00:01:28 average time on site

February 2011

85,580 visits
71,869 unique visitors
189,635 pageviews
2.22 pages/visit
00:01:53 average time on site

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