Read 'The Deerslayer,' in which I kill, take a photograph, model, and, yes, write for Louisville Magazine | Zach Everson

Read ‘The Deerslayer,’ in which I kill, take a photograph, model, and, yes, write for Louisville Magazine

I bring the sexy to Louisville Magazine's March issue.Available at fine Kentuckiana newsstands, the March 2012 issue of Louisville Magazine features “The Deerslayer,” a 3,000-word, six-page feature I wrote about my first time deer hunting.

A full-page photo I snapped from my blind is on page 44. And, yes, I’m the sexy fella—both of them, actually—pictured on page 43 and at the beginning of this post. Sad confession: all of the props are mine.

Normally in my blog posts about my articles, I provide background about the pieces. I’m skipping that here, however, as that info is in the article itself. If for some reason you’re craving more though, watch the video of my hunt from KET’s Kentucky Afield.

Thanks to

  • Louisville Magazine’s Kane Webb and Josh Moss for their constructive edits, and Suki Anderson and John Nation for making me and the layout look so damn sexy
  • Jon Gassett, Tim Farmer, and Nathan Sangster with the Kentucky Department of Wildlife Resources for their trust in putting a gun in my hand, and Mark Marraccini for answering my questions
  • Robin and Ellen Gassett of Licking River Outfitters for their hospitality and letting me hunt at their Garden of Deerden
  • my wife, Margaret, for coming up with the article idea in the first place

Photo: Courtesy Louisville Magazine/John Nation

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