My Great Deer Hunt starts now | Zach Everson

My Great Deer Hunt starts now

Camouflage tip: You can't see me.

Camouflage tip: You can’t see me.

Camouflage tip: Here I am!

Camouflage tip: Here I am!

This Northeastern liberal elitist is on his way into the Kentucky woods to go deer hunting for the first time (at Licking River Outfitters in Cynthiana to be exact). My funeral will be Thursday. As one last jab at my friends, this non-observer’s memorial service will be full Catholic mass. It Latin.

I’ll be on assignment for Louisville Magazine; a 1,500 to 2,000-word first-person account of my two days in the tree stand should run in the January issue. The plan is to focus on the trauma of trying to kill an animal for the first time (I’m a decent shot at clays) and the tension of loving a good dish of fresh local game but being reluctant to kill it yourself. If you’ve got a good venison recipe, please share it in the comments.

Of course, the piece also might examine how much it hurts to shoot yourself in the backside.

I’m going with Jon Gassett, the commissioner of the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources. Rumor has it the TV show Kentucky Afield will be taping the outing too. If I’m still with us, I’ll let you know when it airs.

Photos: Courtesy John Nation

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  1. Tony November 16, 2011 at 1:49 pm #

    Requiem aeternam, dona eis, Domine… Et lux perpetua luceat eis!


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