ABC's 'Travel Now' shows me (scared) in a Roman gladiator arena | Zach Everson

ABC’s ‘Travel Now’ shows me (scared) in a Roman gladiator arena

I’m happy with how my web exclusive for the June 2011 issue of Air Canada’s enRoute: “Gladiator Training in Rome: From mere mortal to warrior? It’s all in a day’s work” turned out. But if you require more of a visual than my text and photo provided, watch this installment of ABC’s Travel Now with Karen Schaler:

Unique Vacation: Rome Cavalieri’s Roman Adventure

Karen provides an insightful overview of the Rome Cavalieri, Waldorf Astoria Hotels & Resorts’ offerings, but if you just want to see me run around a gladiator ring all scared, it’s at 2:47 and 3:43.

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