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Howdy from Montana

Howdy from The Ranch at Rock Creek

Greetings from me and Little Joe at The Ranch at Rock Creek.

To quote myself, (this site is and I’m Zach Everson, so it’s ok): “I’ve long argued to anyone who will listen (so probably no one), that no states in the country are as underappreciated for their natural beauty as Montana and Idaho.”

I’m in Montana for the next nine days, delighting in just how accurate that statement is.

For the next two nights I’m at The Ranch at Rock Creek, a luxury vacation ranch in Montana (for more on The Ranch, read this article I wrote about it for UpTake). After that it’s six nights in Big Sky at the Big Sky Resort’s Huntley Lodge.

Day one at The Ranch at Rock Creek has been amazing. As much fun as my wife and I are having—gourmet lunch, horseback riding, child care—our 18-month-old daughter seems to be having more fun—an abundance of Cheerios, ponies to watch, a fun person to play with instead of Mom and Dad.

Interested in joining the rodeo in real time? Mosey on over to the social media accounts:

Thanks to the Ranch at Rock Creek and Christina McGoldrick and Meredith Strodel at Victoria King Public Relations for arranging my stay there. And thanks to my wife for letting me tag along with her to her conference in Big Sky.

Photo: Margaret Everson

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