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Fortnighter offers customized itineraries written by professional travel writers (including me)

FortnighterFortnighter, which provides customized itineraries written by professional travel writers, launched today. I’m proud to be one of said scribes.

As the service is run by Alexander Basek, a travel writer I trust, I’ll just copy and paste his description of what Fortnighter does:

Fortnighter provides travel itineraries custom-tailored to your individual tastes. Crafted by professional travel writers, each itinerary is made to order by an expert with local knowledge, not by an algorithm. With an itinerary from Fortnighter, you receive fresh intelligence on where to stay, what to eat, and what to see on your next trip.

The contributor team at Fortnighter consists of nearly a hundred experts who have written for almost every major travel outlet…Our writers focus on a few specific regions, often where they are based, and create itineraries without bylines to ensure that their recommendations are not influenced by press junkets or favors. Fortnighter’s contributors travel truthfully so you can roam with the most accurate information in your pocket.

Our information is also up-to-date: guidebooks take a year to hit the shelves, but a Fortnighter itinerary has a guidebook author’s recommendations just days after a research trip. While others follow the crowds with recommendations from a dated guidebook or sifting through uninformed reviews on a UGC site, a Fortnighter itinerary will put you where you need to be with a personally tailored dossier that’s up-to-the-minute.

At Fortnighter, our motivation is helping you find your ideal hotel, giving you directions to a locals-only beach or telling you about that store where you want to buy one of everything. Fortnighter’s team knows the ins and outs of travel because we do it for a living. With a Fortnighter itinerary, you’ll be able to travel like an expert and live like a local wherever you go.

I’m excited about this innovative approach to travel. The cost for an itinerary ranges from $100 to $200, depending on the length of the stay—not much at all considering the total expense of a trip (and not much more than a guidebook either).

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