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Louisville.com: 1 million visits

Some time this evening Louisville.com will have its 1 millionth visit since I became editor-in-chief at the beginning of 2010. So I figured now’s a good time to recap the site’s accomplishments since I started this part-time job (with the exception of Derby and Breeders’ Cup weeks, at most I spend 20 hours a week on the site):

  • Gone from two writers (one of whom was me) to 38.
  • Increased site visits from 45,000 during my first 31 days as editor to 97,700 in the most recent 31 days.
  • Increased the site’s Facebook presence from 100 to 2,007 fans. Every post from Louisville.com appears on its Facebook fan page, making that social networking site Louisville.com’s fourth biggest source of traffic.

For more details, read this description of my duties.

In the next few months, we expect to

  • upgrade the site’s operating system from Drupal 5.x to 6.x, improving both its stability and usability
  • launch an iPhone application
  • double our monthly visitors yet again
  • become profitable (we’re close!)

Thanks to the site’s owners, readers, and writers. All three groups have been great to work with.

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