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2010 brings a new travel buddy


Vivian Elizabeth, born Jan. 8, 7 pounds, 13 ounces and 18 inches.

She and her mom are both doing great (and I’m rocking too, thanks for asking). Yes, she already has her own website, but between sleeping, eating, going to the bathroom, and looking cute, she hasn’t had a chance to post on it yet.

Vivian’s first travel experience–at least on a journey further than her pediatrician’s office–will be this March when the three of us take a road trip to Milwaukee and Chicago. I’m excited about my first visit to Milwaukee (it’ll be Vivian’s first time there too I think).

And while I love Chicago, I expect this stay will be different experience from my last time there when my wife and I spent most of the afternoon sampling wines and cheeses at Bin 36 before heading off to a four-course meal at a culinary school.

And this summer we’re taking Vivian on her first flight when we go to San Diego. I’m excited about traveling with her (until she screams on the plane anyway) and look forward to writing about my new way of experiencing travel.

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