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My professor the author: Justin Catanoso’s new book on faith, family, and miracles

Justin Catanoso, the executive editor of The Business Journal and a former journalism professor of mine at Wake Forest, recently published a memoir, My Cousin the Saint: A Search for Faith, Family, and Miracles.

After discovering that his grandfather’s cousin was on the fast track to sainthood, Justin reconnected with his large family back in Italy and his long-lost faith. I talked to him for a while at a friend’s wedding a few weeks ago, he’s excited about the book’s reception and his book tour. He also said that writing the book was the hardest project he’s ever undertaken.

Justin’s blogging about subjects related to the book at

Here’s a review of the book that I posted on

My Cousin the Saint is provocative—it’s impossible to read this book and not contemplate your own faith and the meaning of family. I consider myself far too practical and rational to be religious. So it was interesting reading about how someone with the same self-image started believing. Or at least trying to.

Furthermore Catanoso’s vivid descriptions of his family in the United States and in Italy provides an interesting contrast of the social norms in those two countries.

Growing up outside of Boston, I was jealous of my many Italian-American classmates and their large, boisterous families. This book confirms that my envy was well founded.

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