Crack use in Washington, DC | Zach Everson

Crack use in Washington, DC

Please keep in mind that I researched this article online and by driving around Washington, DC, with my windows up—no money exchanged hands and no products were consumed:

Where to Buy Crack in Northwest DC

I got the idea to write this piece when I read and saw a graphic description of a drug deal in a posh and trendy Northwest DC neighborhood (I won’t link to the account here, but it’s the first site I mention in the Gridskipper post).

My views on America’s drug policy notwithstanding, it’s absurd that the DC police are so inept at controlling a problem that is associated with more severe crimes, such as homicides. If you search online for some of the addresses I mentioned, you’ll see that they are also murder sites.

I also was surprised at how prevalent crack is in Northwest; usually drugs are a problem associated with the rest of the city. Or maybe I was just ignorant.

On another note, while scoping out some of the venues I reviewed, I was taken aback by how accurately HBO’s The Wire depicts areas where drugs are sold: guy standing on the corner, another guy sitting a few doors down (probably with the stash), and downtrodden folks milling about.

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