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Gridskipper publishes my first post

As I mentioned yesterday, I just got a new freelance gig writing for Gridskipper. My first entry, DC’s Independent Coffee Shops, was published today.

I enjoyed writing the piece: I’ve worked in all of the places I profiled, and it felt good to formalize and share my opinions about them. The biggest negative about writing the post: it had me craving coffee so badly that I consumed enough lattes to give myself the jitters.

My subsequent posts will be in the same format: brief reviews of six to ten places in the Washington, DC, area that can be plotted on a map.

If you have any ideas for themes—or suggestions for unique places worth a write-up (I can always find a theme later)—please let me know! The subjects can range from the mundane (like coffee shops) to the decadent (like the favorite bathrooms of U.S. Senators).

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