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What the Apple Watch means for hotel guests, if anything (my latest for ‘Condé Nast Traveler’)

Apple released the Apple Watch today. And, because you’re an Internet user, you know that!

There are slew of potential uses for travelers. But, of course, we heard similar hype a few years back about the now discontinued Google Glass.

For Condé Nast Traveler, I looked at what the Apple Watch could mean for hotel guests—and if it’s likely to live up to its hype and potential:

“Will the Apple Watch Revolutionize Hotel Stays?”

‘What travel to Cuba looks like today’—my latest article for Fox News

Even after President Barack Obama’s announcement of a new Cuba policy in December 2014, by law, Americans can still only travel to Cuba if their visit falls into one of 12 categories (and sorry, sipping rum on the beach is not one of them).

But the new rules Obama announced, which took effect in January, made the application process faster and easier, causing more Americans to travel to our island neighbor.

So Fox News asked me to look at exactly what awaits them:

“Snapshot: What travel to Cuba looks like today”