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Get #OscarSnarky on Twitter

Lambert and Lindsey #Oscarsnarky102.3 The Max’s Lambert & Lindsey will be getting #OscarSnarky on Twitter during tonight’s broadcast of the Academy Awards (“What time do the Oscars start?” 8:30 p.m. EST. “What channel are the Oscars on?” ABC. And the Academy Award for Worst Attempt at SEO goes to me.). And, as I mentioned when I joined them in the studio Friday morning, I’ll be Tweeting along with them. They got a similar hashtag trending in Louisville during the Grammys, which attracted some hilarious Tweets.

Just follow the Twitter hashtag #OscarSnarky. The Lambert & Lindsey Morning Show hosts also retweet the funnier Tweets, so you might want to follow them as well:

And I’m at @Z_Everson.

Photo: Courtesy Facebook/Lambert & Lindsey picks up 6,000th Twitter follower, 5,000th Facebook fan

Louisville.comLike Lance Armstrong speeding through the Tour de France finish line, in the last two weeks shattered the 6,000 Twitter followers and 5,000 Facebook fans milestones (wait, is that Armstrong metaphor no longer a good one to use?). When I began my gig as part-time editor-in-chief of the site in January 2010, those numbers were 1,800 and 100 respectively.

Unlike a lot of outlets,’s social media presence isn’t just about branding or vanity (as in, “Hey potential advertisers, look at how many people like us!”). All of’s articles automatically post to both of those social networks within 15 minutes of appearing on the mother site. In the last 30 days, Facebook was the site’s fifth highest source of traffic (it was third before Facebook cut back on the reach of fan pages that don’t advertise with it) and Twitter is eighth.

Congrats to our writers for putting out content that so many Louisvillians find valuable. And thanks to our readers for being followers and fans!

Shalom from Israel

Good morning Tel Aviv.

Good morning Tel Aviv.

Shalom! (Yes, I’ve used that word twice because it’s the only Hebrew I know.) I’m in Israel this week, specifically Tel Aviv, Galilee, and Jerusalem. I’m a bit tired, but my fatigue probably owes more to a nightcap than jetlag (a 5 p.m. arrival time is actually quite agreeable: land, eat, drink, sleep).

Assuming I don’t go up in smoke during my visit to the Holy Land, there will be articles about my trip shortly. In the meantime, follow along in real time on

Thanks to the Israeli Ministry of Tourism, El Al, the Dan Hotels, the Scots Hotel, and Weill for hosting me.

My good fortune: I’m on my way to China

Hello from Louisville International Airport! Or, as they say in Chinese, ?. I’m en route to China with the Ritz-Carlton (again) and American Airlines. This time the destination is Beijing—a city I’ve always wanted to experience during Hanukkah.

I’ll have articles and such about the trip published while traveling and afterward, but if you’re the type who demands regular updates (hi Sweetheart) feel free to follow along on

Using a blog and social media to help a non-profit, in this case the Kentucky Coaltion to Abolish the Death Penalty

Recently I overhauled the Kentucky Coalition to Abolish the Death Penalty’s (KCADP) online presence. This describes our approach and how I can help you or your organization make better use of the Internet.

Early on, KCADP’s staff and I determined that there were three objectives for its online presence (all of which should apply to similar non-profits):

  • increase its membership
  • keep its existing supporters engaged
  • convert its opponents or disinterested people into supporters

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Automatically share your latest blog post on 30 social networks and microblogs with twitterfeed and

Given my vocation, it should be clear I’m not a visual thinker. But when it comes to explaining how to share your latest blog post automatically on more than 30 social networks and microblogs, an illustration is better suited (my penmanship notwithstanding).

Website flowchart: From new blog post to twitterfeed to to social networks and microblogs to readers

Website flowchart, how to automatically share a new blog post on social networks and microblogs

Website flowchart: How to automatically share a new blog post on social networks and microblogs

Select the chart to make it wicked big.

Continue Reading → solves the (admittedly self-inflicted) problem of updating your status on multiple social networking sites

With so many social networking and microblogging sites, updating your status on all of them can be a pain. In many people’s cases—including mine—it leads to either neglect or cutting and pasting. solves the problem though. From Wikipedia: is a free social networking and micro-blogging web service that enables users to post to multiple social networks simultaneously.

Making an update on pushes the update to a number of different social websites at once. This allows individuals using multiple social networks to update their status only once, without having to update it in all their social mediums individually. groups services into three categories – status updates, blogs, and micro-blogs – and updates can be sent to each group separately.

From I simultaneously post to Twitter and update my status on Facebook, LinkedIn, and MySpace. supports more than 30 social networking sites, including the behemoths that I just mentioned, new sites, and even dying networks (remember Friendster?).

I bookmarked and added it to the home screen of my iPhone for easy access when I’m away from my computer.

Apparently I’m worth following, if only on Twitter

Thanks to Tim Shisler and Written Road, a blog on travel writing, for including me as a person you should follow on Twitter.

Should you want to take Written Road’s advice, my Twitter profile is at If you already have a Twitter account and are logged in to it, select the link to my profile and then select Follow under my picture in the upper left corner. And you can create a Twitter account at

Incidentally I’m doubly indebted to Written Road as it’s where I first read of the Gridskipper gig. The blog is a must read for travel writers.