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MainStreet quotes me in its article on overrated travel destinations

Main StreetMain Street quoted me in its recent article:

“The Six Most Overrated Tourist Sites on the Planet”

My answer (you’ll have to go to the last page of the article to read it): Mount Rushmore. I visited when I was 14 and driving cross-country with my family. Afterwards, I expressed my disappointment to my parents, who weren’t pleased to hear it and, if I remember correctly (I don’t always), made me write a journal entry on why I shouldn’t complain about the wonderful trip I was on.

Journal entry or not, 24 years later, I’m still hating on Mount Rushmore.

Aol sells Gadling to Skift

Gadling logo

Based on the emails I receive and this website’s search engine traffic, some visitors here are interested in the travel blog Gadling. (I edited it and contributed to it for a spell after joining Aol and MapQuest in October.)

Today, Aol announced it sold Gadling to Skift. Appropriately, you can get the details on Skift. Or Gadling.

And if you were emailing me via a Gadling account, best to use now. Thanks!

Flashback: That time I reviewed a stay at my parents’ house

My parents' house

A few years ago, I reviewed the accommodations at my parents’ house for the now-defunct UpTake. (Executive summary: I enjoyed my stay, although the barware could have been better.) As I’m staying with my folks again next week, bookending my visit to Boston to research an article for MapQuest, I figured it was time to resurface my review (because evergreen content):

UpTake: “An objective review of the accommodations at my parents’ house”

Heading to Boston next week: suggestions needed

Toro Boston

Of all the cities I’ve been fortunate enough to visit in recent years, I’m probably most excited about my next trip: Boston. I was born there and grew up 15 miles north of the city. I haven’t been back though in more than 18 months—my longest stint away. And while I love seeing my family and friends there, rarely do I get the opportunity to explore the city when I visit.

This visit though, that all changes: my parents are watching my daughters while my wife and I explore the city for three days, researching a feature article for MapQuest’s “99 Summer Travel Quests.” That being said, I could use some suggestions for places to visit, especially restaurants and bars (a return visit to Toro, pictured at top, is highly probable). Please let me know your recommendations in the comments. Thanks!

Chatting about Dallas’s art scene with

Me, standing on the grassy knoll in Dallas

Me, standing on the grassy knoll in Dallas. recently ranked Dallas seventh in its “list of the 25 most popular destinations for summer travel.” In the  the article, I was quoted about Dallas and its art scene:

“Dallas Ranks Among Top 10 Cities for Affordable Summer Travel”

Last year, Fairmont Magazine published my article on a day trip to Dallas. And previously, I’d written about the city’s art scene for Air Canada’s in-flight magazine, enRoute: “Painting the Town Red, White and Blue.”


Beer, bubbly and Britney: Follow my Vegas trip via MapQuest’s Instagram account

I’m heading to Las Vegas this weekend as part of Starwood Preferred Guest and Caesar’s Entertainment Celebration Weekend.

The itinerary’s jammed with lots of fun activities, like eating, drinking and Britney Spears’s show at Planet Hollywood (which — true confession — I’m a lot more excited about than a hardcore classic rock fan should publicly admit to).

I’ll be posting photos throughout the trip on MapQuest’s Instagram account. So, please, follow along.

Also, I created a Spotify playlist for the trip. So, please, listen along too.

AOL Travel publishes my harrowing tale of feeding pigeons in Venice

AOL TravelAs part of its Wild Animal Adventure week, AOL Travel published my article

Man vs. Pigeons in Venice’s Piazza San Marco

Ok, so maybe it’s not that wild of an animal adventure, but pigeons are kinda disgusting and feeding them was a big deal for me. So back off. has 12.7 million daily unique visitors. Watch the video of my experience in Venice after the jump.

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AOL Travel publishes my article, ‘Whiskey Makes its Mark in China’

AOL TravelAs part AOL’s cocktail week, AOL Travel published my article

Whiskey Makes its Mark in China”

The article idea came about while on a press trip with the Ritz-Carlton and Cathay Pacific a few years ago. It was fun revisiting my travel to Guangzhou and Shenzhen. Thanks to the PR people at both companies for making that trip happen. has 12.7 million daily unique visitors.

Photo: Courtesy AOL Travel