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A treasury of my ‘Condé Nast Traveler’ Four Seasons Private Jet coverage

Condé Nast Traveler’s December 2016 issue included my latest article about the Four Seasons Private Jet, As part of its Future of Travel collaboration with Wired:

“Private Jets Will Still Be Outrageously Awesome”

Previously, Condé Nast Traveler’s website published my piece, “How the Four Seasons Private Jet Compares to a Commercial Plane.” And while on assignment, I manned Condé Nast Traveler‘s Snapchat account (@CNTraveler), snapping my travels on the Four Seasons Private Jet from Austin to Costa Rica:

I also tweeted a bunch from my personal account while traveling, and later joined a Four Seasons-hosted Twitter chat about my experience. And while traveling (as well as afterward), I posted to my personal Snapchat, Instagram, and Facebook. Enjoy my Instagram version of the trip (in order of when I posted them, rather than chronologically):

Not sure about the cow’s name, but the champagne’s name is Dom 2006.

A photo posted by Zach Everson (@z_everson) on

Good news! Crocodiles keep their mouths open to regulate their temperature—not eat travelers. But still. #FSjet

A photo posted by Zach Everson (@z_everson) on

Cool thing about an evening arrival is getting to wake up yesterday to this view. And Costa Rican coffee. #FSjet

A photo posted by Zach Everson (@z_everson) on

Puerto caldera ceviche at Sol y Sombra #FSjet

A photo posted by Zach Everson (@z_everson) on

Drinking a mojito. As you do. #FSJet

A photo posted by Zach Everson (@z_everson) on

For any of you who’ve wanted to throw me off a cliff… (from last week in Costa Rica) #FSJet

A photo posted by Zach Everson (@z_everson) on

Alas, the sun set on my time aboard the Four Seasons Private Jet #FSJet

A photo posted by Zach Everson (@z_everson) on

Looking straight out at Garden of the Gods on Lana’i #fsjet

A photo posted by Zach Everson (@z_everson) on

Lana’i’s secluded Polihua Beach, with Molokai across the channel. Photo shot last week. #FSJet

A photo posted by Zach Everson (@z_everson) on

Bull riding in Costa Rica, a stop on my recent trip aboard the Four Seasons Private Jet #FSjet

A photo posted by Zach Everson (@z_everson) on

Did a little muddin’ with one of the Four Seasons Resorts Lana’i’s Jeeps #FSjet

A photo posted by Zach Everson (@z_everson) on

Approaching our snorkeling spot off Lana’i a couple weeks back. #fsjet

A photo posted by Zach Everson (@z_everson) on

Ahi benedict at One Forty, because what isn’t better with ahi #FSjet (from a few weeks back)

A photo posted by Zach Everson (@z_everson) on

Offshore at Peninsula Papagayo, Costa Rica last month #FSJet

A photo posted by Zach Everson (@z_everson) on

Thanks to at Paul Brady, Logan Orlando, and everyone else who reviewed my piece  at Condé Nast Traveler; Felicia Yukich, Megan Johnston, Javier Loureiro, Richard Butler, and Kerry Sear and everyone else at the Four Seasons and TCS World Travel who assisted with my trip, as well as Laura Schlecht, Lindsay Cameron, and Devon Nagle at HL Group.

JetSmarter declares ‘unicorn’ status with $1.5 billion valuation, announces plans for 80 new routes. I break the story for ‘Condé Nast Traveler.’

Today private-jet app JetSmarter announced it had a valuation of $1.5 billion. And, in an interview with me for Condé Nast Traveler, the startup’s founder, CEO, and chairman, Sergey Petrossov, unveiled plans to add 80 new routes by the end of 2017, allowing its members to travel from Los Angeles to Hong Kong, as well as many destinations in between. Read my article:

“JetSmarter Announces Major Expansion for Private Jet Flights”

I previously wrote about JetSmarter for Fast Company: “Six Companies Changing the Way We Travel.”

Journey into The Ritz-Carlton publishes my thoughts on the perfect Washington, DC weekend

Ritz-Carlton logoJourney into The Ritz-Carlton is a portal into the hotel company’s travel expertise. Travel experiences and memories from around the world are inspired by the desire to create memories that last a lifetime. The storied hotel brand has brought together a collection of truly unique experiences and moments that range from Balinese weddings on white sand beaches through to fabulous cocktail recipes from chic rooftop bars.

For Journey into The Ritz-Carlton, I wrote “Washington, D.C.: A City Reborn.”

I join the campaign trail for a morning, covering the Trump International Hotel Washington DC opening for Fox News

Trump International Hotel Washington DC opening

Yesterday the U.S. presidential campaign checked into the Trump International Hotel Washington D.C. when Donald Trump joined his family for the new opening’s ceremonial ribbon cutting. It was a  bit different from other hotel openings I’ve covered: Omarosa and New Gingrich were present, as were about 400 political reporters. And while travel writers were wondering where the champagne was, those political reporters seemed thrilled to be getting free coffee. 

Anyway, read my article and view my photos for Fox News:

“Already a success? Trump uses official DC hotel opening to plug brand triumphs”

Derby Home Rental: Advertise or rent a Louisville, Kentucky-area house for Derby-weekend 2017

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