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Stonehenge continues to dominate headlines in 2014—as I predicted

Yesterday, the Associated Press reported, “Stonehenge Protected From Noise Pollution With New Tunnel.”

This January from me on Twitter:

This, on the heels of Stonehenge getting big press from Barack Obama’s visit. And underground mapping near Stonehenge revealing a new “Super Henge.”

For a third time, I don’t want to brag, but I have no other choice.

In which I take my own advice and rave about the outcome

Marrow and snails at West Bridge

From my “Enjoy a child-free visit to your hometown: After a four-year parenting bender, it was time for a daughter-free detox in Boston”:

I also pledge to return to West Bridge too; after that fantastic lunch, its five-course prix fixe dinner menu demands my attention.

Last Tuesday I did just that when my brother and I and our wives took my parents to dinner at West Bridge as a belated anniversary gift. Alas, with everyone at the table except my mom and me having some kind of dietary restriction, the five-course prix fixe dinner didn’t seem like our best option. Instead though, my mom and I split four dishes: egg in a jar, ribs, lamb belly, and marrow and snails (pictured). All were fantastic.

All told, my family ate 11 different dishes from chef/owner Matthew Gaudet’s kitchen. The result: I’m planning on going back again on my next visit to Massachusetts.

Kilauea volcano on Hawaii’s Big Island: Videos, photos and a story

Kilauea volcano on Hawaii’s Big Island is on a path to destroy the town of Pahoa, home to 950 people. I visited the volcano in 2011 with Photo Safari Hawaii, on assignment for Air Canada’s enRoute. My article explores what it’s like to take a photo lesson on an active volcano. The videos show a little slice of life there—especially the last one, which is of a local resident explaining life on the volcano. At the end of the post is a gallery of photos from my lesson.