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Married and childless? Facebook suspects infertility—as opposed to, say, choice.

Facebook Parenting and Family Tips infertilityThe fertility-treatment ad from Parenting and Family Tips4You at right has been popping up in the Facebook news feed of a female friend of mine, Rebecca [name changed].

Facebook knows Rebecca’s age and that she’s been married for several years. And it also knows she’s never posted about being a parent. So Facebook and its advertisers apparently think Rebecca being childless is likely due to a fertility issue—as opposed to, say, choice. Because ladies be wanting babies.

Rebecca owns and operates a successful and growing business. Many of her Facebook posts pertain to her company. Yet she estimates about 5 percent of the ads Facebook shows her are business oriented.

Photo: Facebook/Parenting and Family Tips4You

Facebook thinks I have a type

I recently read that Facebook was trying to encourage users to friend more people. I can’t remember what evidence that author’s article cited though…Facebook People You May Know

Related: I don’t know any of these people. picks up 6,000th Twitter follower, 5,000th Facebook fan

Louisville.comLike Lance Armstrong speeding through the Tour de France finish line, in the last two weeks shattered the 6,000 Twitter followers and 5,000 Facebook fans milestones (wait, is that Armstrong metaphor no longer a good one to use?). When I began my gig as part-time editor-in-chief of the site in January 2010, those numbers were 1,800 and 100 respectively.

Unlike a lot of outlets,’s social media presence isn’t just about branding or vanity (as in, “Hey potential advertisers, look at how many people like us!”). All of’s articles automatically post to both of those social networks within 15 minutes of appearing on the mother site. In the last 30 days, Facebook was the site’s fifth highest source of traffic (it was third before Facebook cut back on the reach of fan pages that don’t advertise with it) and Twitter is eighth.

Congrats to our writers for putting out content that so many Louisvillians find valuable. And thanks to our readers for being followers and fans! 1 million visits

Some time this evening will have it’s 1 millionth visit since I became editor-in-chief at the beginning of 2010. So I figured now’s a good time to recap the site’s accomplishments since I started this part-time job (with the exception of Derby and Breeders’ Cup weeks, at most I spend 20 hours a week on the site):

  • Gone from two writers (one of whom was me) to 38.
  • Increased site visits from 45,000 during my first 31 days as editor to 97,700 in the most recent 31 days.
  • Increased the site’s Facebook presence from 100 to 2,007 fans. Every post from appears on its Facebook fan page, making that social networking site’s fourth biggest source of traffic.

For more details, read this description of my duties.

In the next few months, we expect to

  • upgrade the site’s operating system from Drupal 5.x to 6.x, improving both its stability and usability
  • launch an iPhone application
  • double our monthly visitors yet again
  • become profitable (we’re close!)

Thanks to the site’s owners, readers, and writers. All three groups have been great to work with.

Shalom from Israel

Good morning Tel Aviv.

Good morning Tel Aviv.

Shalom! (Yes, I’ve used that word twice because it’s the only Hebrew I know.) I’m in Israel this week, specifically Tel Aviv, Galilee, and Jerusalem. I’m a bit tired, but my fatigue probably owes more to a nightcap than jetlag (a 5 p.m. arrival time is actually quite agreeable: land, eat, drink, sleep).

Assuming I don’t go up in smoke during my visit to the Holy Land, there will be articles about my trip shortly. In the meantime, follow along in real time on

Thanks to the Israeli Ministry of Tourism, El Al, the Dan Hotels, the Scots Hotel, and Weill for hosting me.

My good fortune: I’m on my way to China

Hello from Louisville International Airport! Or, as they say in Chinese, ?. I’m en route to China with the Ritz-Carlton (again) and American Airlines. This time the destination is Beijing—a city I’ve always wanted to experience during Hanukkah.

I’ll have articles and such about the trip published while traveling and afterward, but if you’re the type who demands regular updates (hi Sweetheart) feel free to follow along on

Using a blog and social media to help a non-profit, in this case the Kentucky Coaltion to Abolish the Death Penalty

Recently I overhauled the Kentucky Coalition to Abolish the Death Penalty’s (KCADP) online presence. This describes our approach and how I can help you or your organization make better use of the Internet.

Early on, KCADP’s staff and I determined that there were three objectives for its online presence (all of which should apply to similar non-profits):

  • increase its membership
  • keep its existing supporters engaged
  • convert its opponents or disinterested people into supporters

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WordPress updates to version 2.7, and it’s not a release to be skipped

Like many of you, I don’t like it when change comes to a blog platform or social networking site (talking ’bout you Facebook). It takes time to become acclimated with the new layout, and it can be frustrating relearning where to find information.

For once, however, I am fine with such a change (and it had nothing to do with Who Moved My Cheese):

WordPress 2.7 (aka Coltrane) is fantastic.

Released on Dec. 10, the upgrade’s interface is much cleaner and intuitive than version 2.6.5, which I was running previously.

QuickPress, an area in the Dashboard that allows users to quickly add a post, is handy—and was where I wrote this post.

Many bloggers are reluctant to update their software, having to backup, deactivate plugins, upgrade, and reactivate plugins, hoping the process doesn’t destroy their hours of effort.

WordPress 2.7., however, is worth the upgrade.

Is Facebook heading for a Black Tuesday-like crash?

When Joseph Kennedy, John F. Kennedy’s father, overheard shoeshine boys discussing their stock porfolios, he sold many of his holdings, figuring the market was overextended. Shortly thereafter, the market crashed on 1929′s Black Tuesday. (Disclaimer: this story might be an urban legend.)

Might Facebook be heading for a similar catastrophe? My father just signed up for an account.

While my father is no shoeshine boy (he’s a physicist), Facebook’s appeal has been to the younger folk. Might the influx of, um, people of an advanced age cause the site to lose its cool? (I’ve noticed that some of my friends’ parents also have been popping up on Facebook.)

Of course, there is an opposite interpretation: Facebook’s reach has become so vast that no other social networking site stands a chance of usurping its dominance.

I’m not sure which theory I subscribe to. But in the meantime, I need to scrub my Facebook profile and make it Dad-safe.