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Stonehenge continues to make 2014 its bitch—as I predicted

2014’s been a bad year for people, but the prehistoric Stonehenge has owned it—as I predicted.

“In a discovery they claim could ‘rewrite’ British history, archeologists have excavated the remains of an untouched Mesolithic encampment near the famed monument at Stonehenge,” reported yesterday.

This January from me on Twitter:

This week’s discovery comes on the heels of Stonehenge getting protected from noise pollution with a new tunnel. And Stonehenge getting big press from Barack Obama’s visit. And underground mapping near Stonehenge revealing a new “Super Henge.”

2014 was probably Stonehenge’s biggest year since the one in which the aliens constructed it. And while I’m not able to tell you what the monument signifies, I was able to predict that 2014 would be a big year for it. Keep that fact in mind when you’re reading everyone else’s travel predictions for 2015.

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