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Married and childless? Facebook suspects infertility—as opposed to, say, choice.

Facebook Parenting and Family Tips infertilityThe fertility-treatment ad from Parenting and Family Tips4You at right (select it to see a larger version) has been popping up in the Facebook news feed of a female friend of mine, Rebecca [name changed].

Facebook knows Rebecca’s age and that she’s been married for several years. And it also knows she’s never posted about being a parent. So Facebook and its advertisers apparently think Rebecca being childless is likely due to a fertility issue—as opposed to, say, choice. Because ladies be wanting babies.

Rebecca owns and operates a successful and growing business. Many of her Facebook posts pertain to her company. Yet she estimates about 5 percent of the ads Facebook shows her are business oriented.

Because ladies be wanting babies.

Photo: Courtesy Facebook/Parenting and Family Tips4You

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