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Mac OS X home movie storage: iMovie, iPhoto, or iTunes?

What’s the best Mac OS X app to store home movies on a MacBook Pro: iMovie, iPhoto, or iTunes?

My dilemma explained:

  • iMovie has the best editing functions of the three and iMovie theater syncs movies between Apple devices (Apple TV, iPad, iPhone, MacBook Pro).
  • iPhoto is the app that imports the movies, so a copy is automatically going to reside there unless deleted. Also, keeping videos here allows for them to be store with similar photos in an album
  • iTunes recently added a home videos screen in its Movies section that can be accessed via AppleTV (assuming the MacBook Pro is on, connected to the same WiFi network, and iTunes is open).

I’m leaning toward iMovie and just manually deleting the movies from iPhoto, but is there anything I’m missing? Is there a third-party app that’s better? Thanks!

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