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Kentucky governor Steve Beshear: Thanks for being a bigot and proving me right

Kentucky governor Steve BeshearA conversation I’ve had numerous times in recent months regarding Kentucky governor Steve Beshear:

Progressive friend who lives outside of Kentucky: “I’m really impressed with your state’s governor and his support of Obamacare.”

Me, a former resident of Kentucky: “Don’t be. In the five years I lived in Kentucky, healthcare benefits for state employees got worse and more expensive each year. And there haven’t been any raises in at least five years for state employees either. Beshear just sees Obamacare as a way of lessening the state’s financial obligations.. Also, he’s super conservative on other issues that matter to you.”

Progressive friend who lives outside of Kentucky: “Oh.”

Today, after Kentucky’s attorney general announced he would not appeal a federal judge’s ruling that Kentucky must recognize same-sex marriages performed in other states, Beshear declared that

  • he would appeal the decision
  • he’d use private counsel to do so

In his speeches, Beshear likes to evoke “Kentucky values.” In this instance, those principles sadly mean using an impoverished state’s money to defend discrimination.

But, hey, at least Beshear’s actions today proved me right.

Photo: Courtesy Office of Kentucky Governor Steve Beshear

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