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And the 2013 Oscar for Best Live Action Short Film should go to… Oscar Nominated Short Films 2013: Live Action I haven’t seen a movie in the theater since Milk in November 2008. So the Oscars are more a preview of coming attractions for my downloading consumption than a recap of the previous year in film.Last night, however, I came across all five of the 2013 movies nominated for Best Live Action Short Film, bundled together on iTunes. It’s just under two hours and totally worth your $5.99 (the link will take you to Amazon, where it’s a couple bucks cheaper than iTunes). I was amazed at the consistently high quality acting in these short films too.

The New York Times published a good synopsis of the five. And because never having seen a live action short film before doesn’t mean I shouldn’t share my opinion about this year’s nominees, here’s my ranking of them:

  1. “Asad”
  2. “Death of a Shadow”
  3. “Henry”
  4. “Curfew”
  5. “Buzkashi Boys”

I suspect the utterly predictable “Buzkashi Boys” will win though.

Watch the trailer:

Photo: Courtesy iTunes

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