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Helping sportsmen with sincere mustaches reach hipsters with ironic ones

MAFWAI often wonder what, if any, impact my articles have. Sure, they’re (usually) fun to write and (hopefully) enjoyable to read, but do they lead anyone to action? Beyond reader comments after the article, social media posts, and a few nice words (sometimes) from my parents, it’s hard to gauge.

Last month I spoke with the Midwest Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies’ (MAFWA) communications officials. They were discussing ways to recruit and retain hunters. On the heels of my feature for Louisville Magazine, “The Deerslayer,” they asked me to discuss “leveraging media to a non-traditional audience.” Basically these people with sincere mustaches want to figure out how to reach folks with ironic mustaches.

So for about an hour, we talked about how they could engage foodies, locavores, hipsters and the like. Hopefully our conversation left them with insight into reaching an audience that includes a lot of non-hunters who might be interested in filling up their freezer with fresh, organic, local game meat.

Thanks to Brian Blank at the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources for the invite.

Photo: Courtesy MAFWA

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