Nav bar site visits up 50 percent in 2011, 79 percent since I became editor in 2010

In 2011 site visits to increased 50 percent compared to 2010. Traffic was up 79 percent on the year compared to 2009 (I became editor-in-chief of the site on Jan. 1, 2010, working just 20 hours a week as the site’s only paid editorial employee).

Site visits to, 2011 (blue) comapred to 2009 (orange)

Site visits to, 2011 (blue) compared to 2009 (orange), select to enlarge

That big spike, in case you’re wondering, is for our Kentucky Derby coverage.

A big thank you to the site’s readers, writers, interns, and owners!

According to, is now the city’s most visited independent website, trailing only the sites for the local newspaper and TV stations overall.

The raw data, via Google Analytics (according to the 2010 census, the population of Louisville/Jefferson County is 741,096 people).


1,194,066 visits
926,712 unique visitors
2,753,479 pageviews
2.31 pages per visit
00:01:59 average time on site


798,643 visits
590,941 unique Visitors
2,136,804 pageviews
2.68 pages per visit
00:02:31 average time on site

2009 (before I was hired as editor)

665,561 visits
517,337 unique visitors
1,995,714 pageviews
3.00 pages per visit
00:02:27 average time on site

For what I’ve done to help achieve this grown, check out my portfolio page.

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