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Where to find cheap beer, hookers, and gay cowboys two-stepping in Austin: I’m contributing to Gridskipper again

Gridskipper: After hours at Austin's SXSWIf I may be so bold as to quote a blog post I wrote last month about the relaunch of Gridskipper, the site on which I got my start travel writing:

Writing for Gridskipper was one of my favorite gigs; I’m yet to find another travel publication that will let me cover where to score crack, day laborers and tuna tartar.

Last week I returned to Gridskipper as a contributor (which was unexpected when I wished its new editor, Gabe Ulla, well last month). In my first piece back I reviewed venues where attendees at South By Southwest (SXSW) can find cheap booze, tasty tacos, fine wine, straight cowboys doing the two-step, gay cowboys doing the two-step, delicious kebabs, and hookers–so pretty much all of life’s essentials:

Gridskipper: After hours at Austin’s SXSW

Writing and researching the piece (somehow I missed the gay two-stepping cowboys when I was in Austin lat October), was a blast–it’s good to be back contributing regularly to Gridskipper again.

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