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Talking backpacking through Europe (and posing in my delicates) for UpTake’s travel podcast

uptakeLast week Addison Schonland interviewed me for UpTake’s travel podcast (I blog about travel lodging for UpTake). The conversation covered a three-month backpacking trip I took a few years ago, which began in Dublin and ended up in a treehouse hostel on Turkey’s Mediterranean coast.

The discussion–accompanied by a photo of me in my boxers, because sex sells–appears at UpTake: Backpacking through Europe. [Update Jan. 4, 2015: UpTake has been shuttered and, while the page where the interview was uploaded has been archived, the audio file itself is no longer available.]

And Mom, Dad, if you’re nervous about what posting that picture on the Internet means for my career? All it proves is that I’m overqualified to be a U.S. Senator from your state of Massachusetts (I am wearing pants after all).

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