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2010 brings a new gig too: Editor-in-chief of

louisvillecom In addition to my travel writing gigs, a few weeks ago I became editor-in-chief of In January 2009 I wrote my first article for the site (it was about wine tastings in Louisville). Since that time I’ve contributed more than 100 posts, having a lot of fun exploring my new city in the process.

My new position still includes writing (I insisted on it) but has a lot of other responsibilities as well. The owners, general manager, and I have developed a new strategy for and I’m excited to implement it (yes, my reliance on vague consulting-speak should make it clear that I’m not willing to share details yet on what that strategy is–just keep checking the site).

I’m still pursuing freelance travel writing gigs, of course, and am looking forward to the balance of covering both the hyperlocal and the far-afield.

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One Response to 2010 brings a new gig too: Editor-in-chief of

  1. Christine February 9, 2010 at 9:57 am #

    Please please please tell me your new gig involves directing a site re-design. Something clean and simple along the lines of the Guardian or the Economist?