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Using a blog and social media to help a non-profit, in this case the Kentucky Coaltion to Abolish the Death Penalty

Recently I overhauled the Kentucky Coalition to Abolish the Death Penalty’s (KCADP) online presence. This describes our approach and how I can help you or your organization make better use of the Internet.

Early on, KCADP’s staff and I determined that there were three objectives for its online presence (all of which should apply to similar non-profits):

  • increase its membership
  • keep its existing supporters engaged
  • convert its opponents or disinterested people into supporters

To work towards those goals, with the help of KCADP’s staff, I

  • created a new website: updated the content management system, revised the site’s architecture, found and installed a new design, wrote and edited the text for the 32-page site as well as many of the blog entries, installed features to help the site gain and retain visitors, and found graphic designers to create a new logo and branding (still in process)
  • enhanced its social media presence: created Twitter and MySpace accounts; transitioned its Facebook group to a Facebook fan page; branded its YouTube channel; and linked its social networking sites to, which allows for users to update all social networking accounts from just one website
  • continue to manage the group’s online presence, write and edit blog posts, promote the website online and improve its search engine optimization, provide strategic advice, monitor the Internet for new material pertaining to Kentucky an the death penalty, and interact with its audience with on social networks and other websites

I also contributed to the content of KCADP’s new strategic plan and edited it as well.

Here’s what the old website looked like (select it to see a full-size version):


And here’s the redesigned one (select it to see a full-size version as well):New_KCADP

If you have any questions–or are interested in having me help your group–please post a comment or send me an e-mail.

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