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Seven ways for travelers to empower themselves by blogging

CNNThis article from is worth a read for aspiring travel bloggers (even though it was published a few months ago):

Pushy bloggers to travel industry: Be nice

While all of Christopher Elliott’s suggestions are worth following, pay special attention to his second tip: “Find a specialty.”

There are thousands of general travel websites on the Internet, many of which are owned by media outlets or barons with more resources than you have. Don’t try to compete with The New York Times, Rick Steves, or Weblogs, Inc.

Instead, find a quirky aspect of travel that appeals to you and you are an expert about (or at least want to become one).

Examples of such niche blogs include

  • European travel for seniors making their first trip outside of the United States
  • tips for traveling with a musical instrument
  • travel for the professional travel writer

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