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Springsteen fans take offense at my Bonnaroo concert review for focusing more on boobies than Brucie

While I’m on the subject of people getting angry about my articles, my review of Bruce Springsteen’s performance at Bonnaroo (scroll down to June 13) angered some fans:

Backstreets Ticket Exchange: Ridiculous Bonaroo review on the Setlists Page (free membership required)

In case you don’t want to sign up, here’s the initial post:

What was that?

Referring to the crowd as “young, stoned, and dirty.” The talk of the Phish fan who lit up a bowl at the end. I’m sure there was an element that looked different than your average Bruce show but to throw out all the stereotypes was pretty sad. You can throw out some different stereotypes for the typical Bruce show for every review but why insult the crowd in your review? What does that have do with the show itself? I didn’t find it funny or entertaining at all. Next time, just have your reviewers stick to the music if you can.

The rest of the 53-post thread is a mix of positive and negative reviews of my review (apparently the word “boobies” draws a lot of ire–who knew?).

The author, of course, stands by his piece: By Springsteen’s lofty standards the show was good, not great (although it was still the best performance I saw at Bonnaroo). Nothing about the music stood out.

Backstreets readers are diehard Springsteen fans. What would make the show special for them was the environment and the audience, not the set list or performance.

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