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Paris Hilton flack uninvites me to Kentucky Derby party for mild jibe: Was I not mean enough?

Old news, but my voice recorder was having issues transferring files to my computer.

From my description of the Derby Nights Free Concert with O.A.R. in my article for BlackBook, “Louisville cool: The hottest parties of Kentucky Derby week“:

While other events offer the possibility of rubbing elbows with celebrities, here you’ll be mingling amongst tomorrow’s infield crowd (unless you stick around for the celebrity party afterward, which will be hosted by Paris Hilton—but would you really want to rub anything with her?)

In the long history of words, photos and videos dedicated to Paris Hilton, what I wrote was probably on the nicer side. Heck, it was on the softer side of what I wrote about celebrities in that article.

The next day, I received this voice mail:


Some observations (three in fact):

  • Caller ID for this message said Unknown, the caller didn’t identify herself, and the only clues to her identity that I could discern were that she had the speech pattern of Sarah Palin and the voice of Laverne (both leads went nowhere)
  • I hadn’t requested a media pass to Paris’s after-party and hadn’t been notified I’d been given one anyway
  • PR people for parties hosted by celebs who I was not as kind to were quite accommodating in their offers of access

Unfortunately Laverne never called back.

As for how I spent Derby Eve, the folks at the Goodtimers 2009 Derby Eve One Night Stand (yes, that’s the party with the promoter that focuses on “urban entertainment”) were generous enough to supply enough VIP tickets for me, my wife, and our common-law sister-in-law. Goodtimers was good times–possibly too good.

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2 Responses to Paris Hilton flack uninvites me to Kentucky Derby party for mild jibe: Was I not mean enough?

  1. Kentucky July 24, 2009 at 1:52 pm #

    You did not miss anything at Fourth Street that night. It was overly crowded and the drinks were all water.

  2. Zach July 24, 2009 at 9:55 pm #

    Kind of sounds like every other weekend night at Fourth Street (or so I’ve heard–I don’t go there).