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Gridskipper sold; freelance contributors gossip around virtual water cooler

This morning Gawker Media publisher Nick Denton announced that Gawker has sold three of its sites, including Gridskipper (Wonkette, the infamous political blog, and Idolator, a music gossip site, are the other two).

Gridskipper, where I’m a contributor, was sold to the Curbed network of blogs, which is owned by former Gawker manager Lockhart Steele (and keeping with the incestuous nature of the blogging industry, Nick Denton is an investor in Curbed).

As for what this change means for Gridskipper—and me—I can only speculate beyond some statements from Steele to Media Bistro:

“The honest answer is that Gawker ran the site on a large editorial budget and we don’t have that,” Steele said. “We’re going to investigate working with as many of the current writers as possible.”

Hopefully that will include me.

When I worked as a full-time, permanent employee, merger and acquisition stories begot a slew of office gossip. This incident is just one more example of how the Internet isn’t that different from the real business world after all.

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