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The death of dictionaries, the order of adjectives, and writing for the web

I’ve been swamped with work of late, which is usually a good thing except as it affects my blogging. So I’m going to delegate:

  • Maud Newton: No dictionaries for a text-messaging world?—My Apple iBook has an electronic dictionary and spell check loaded on it. And everyone with Internet access can use So, there’s not much use for a hard-copy dictionary (I haven’t touched mine in years).
  • Christian Science Monitor Blog: Rules no one teaches but everyone learns—This article covers the correct order for adjectives in a series. I never gave much thought to this issue, but upon reading the article realized why: having spoken English all of my life, I’m able to do it correctly without thinking about it. Most people I edit put their adjectives in the right order too; I rarely encounter mistakes in that area.
  • How users read on the web—People have a different approach to reading websites than reading other media. Writers and editors need to remember that fact when working on material for the Internet.

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