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A non-native English speaker’s thoughts about English

Prajwal Sharma, who wrote about “Cleaning up your writing by avoiding these six common mistakes” as a guest writer on this site,” has a couple of good articles about English from his days writing for The Truman State Index (free registration required) [Update Jan. 3, 2015: Neither column is available online any more.]:

  • “Americans’ command over English falls dismally short”
  • “Native speakers should try teaching English abroad”

Both of Prajwal’s pieces, however, are insightful and worth reading. I usually enjoy reading non-native English speakers’ thoughts on our language. (Although I love the irony of one column saying that American’s mastery of English is dismal, yet the other piece encourages English speakers to share their knowledge with people trying to learn their language.)

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One Response to A non-native English speaker’s thoughts about English

  1. John July 28, 2007 at 4:11 pm #

    Ha, these columns were tongue-in-the-cheek and so accurate.