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Working on a wiki: the Telecentre Knowledge Network

For the past two months I was busy working with Microsoft and telecentre. org to create the Telecentre Knowledge Network, a wiki that

discusses issues facing the global telecentre movement, presents a condensed view of the knowledge about telecentres, and offers activists a place to share the knowledge and wisdom that comes from running telecentres.

(And as is a Canadian entity, “telecentre” is spelled correctly—although it took some getting used to.)

The wiki works like Wikipedia, except that it is for sharing knowledge about a specific field and not the world at large.

As for my contribution, I helped

  • determine how the content from Making the CONNECTION: Scaling Telecenters for Development, written by the Academy for Educational Development, the book upon which the wiki was based, would be adapted to the wiki format
  • design the wiki’s architecture
  • create the style manual and tutorials on using the site
  • decide what features the wiki should have
  • coordinate requirements with the programmer
  • oversee usability testing

Please explore the Telecentre Knowledge Network and tell others about it. Wikis are only effective when people share their knowledge and experiences.

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