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After pulling an all-nighter, I started seeing things—namely Marion Barry—and ended up on Wonkette

Some work came in late Wednesday that needed an immediate turnaround; I didn’t finish it until 7:30 a.m. Thursday. Typically I follow up all-nighters with a quality nap, but I had another job that day: jury duty. Thankfully I was dismissed within a few hours.

On my way home, however, I had an encounter that lead to a pro bono writing gig—for Wonkette (it’s the last item):

Wonkette: Wonk’d: If a Playful Moment Turns Into the Right Moment, You’ll Be Ready

I got out of jury duty Thursday [10/19] and was walking to the Judiciary Square Metro stop when a 50-something Asian businessman turned to me and said “Isn’t that the mayor?” I looked in the direction in which he was nodding, expecting to see a bald head and bow tie. Better—Marion Barry himself, clad in a suit, was sitting on a wall. That led to this exchange:

Asian businessman: What do you think he’s doing here?
Me: Seeing how there are a slew of courts around here, I can think of many reasons.
AB: Didn’t he get busted with a hooker and then claim he had a sex addiction?
Me: I think so.
AB: But we’re all addicted to sex. Some of us can just handle it better than others.

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