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“It’s the working, the working, just the working life.”

Well, it’s obvious I haven’t been blogging over the past two weeks. What I have been doing is working. In addition to editing full-time at a client’s site, I’ve spent my early mornings and late evenings working on other projects. What kept me sane was the variety of subjects:

  • treating childhood diarrhea in Nepal with zinc tablets
  • getaway weekends in Easton, MD
  • private-sector health projects
  • training material for the U.S. government’s Office of Personnel Management’s Human Resources Products and Services division
  • data warehousing and consulting
  • research and development for contraceptive products
  • training material for the U.S. Department of Defense’s National Security Personnel System

The hardest part of juggling all of those jobs was having to switch between styles. During that two-week stretch, I probably used every style manual I own. And, of course, each client had a different in-house style as well.

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