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The new Backstreets, with my article in it, is out now

The spring/summer 2006 issue of Backstreets, with my aforementioned article on military themes in Bruce Springsteen’s show on Veterans Day in Norfolk, VA, was released this week. Titled “A long, long way from home: Trust, faith, and fear on Veterans Day in Norfolk,” the article is on page 78.

It’s interesting being on the writing side of a publication—as of late I’ve mostly been editing. If the editors made any changes to my article, I didn’t notice them. And I’m happy with the title (magazine editors, not the writer, pick the title).

My only concern with the layout is that the colored background, which looks great, might make photocopied versions hard to read. And I’ll need copies to send as clips with future queries to magazines.

If you’re interested in picking up the issue, your best bet is ordering it from Backstreets’ website. Some Tower Records, Borders, and Barnes & Nobles carry it as well.

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